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Magdalena Jankowska
Vice president

Magda is a specialist in Finance and Accountancy certified by the Ministry of Finance. She graduated from economics studies at the Warsaw School of Economics. She has been associated with the WIGAL company since 1999. Her work gives her a lot of joy, which is why she constantly raises her professional qualifications by participating in numerous courses, trainings and practical workshops. Thanks to knowledge of foreign languages, she realizes her passion - travels. She spends all her free time actively.



Jerzy Jakiel

Jerzy Jakiel is the creator and owner of the Wigal company. His passion for galvanizing and technical sense resulted in the founding of the brand in 1992, which is leading in the industry today. Accuracy, meticulousness and composure are the features that most faithfully present Jerzy.
And hobbies such as motorization and fishing help in analytical thinking of concepts and business challenges.